The simplicity of its architecture, wrapped with the beauty of its surroundings transports our guests to a place where time seems to stop.

The Lagunita Hotel is a celebration of the senses, where mind, body and spirit converge. With its 28 cottages and palapa suites, its fresh water pool overlooking the sea, the joy and color of the rooms with fabulous views of the ocean and the beach, will make you sigh and feel like you are in paradise. We also have free Wi-fi in our community areas so you will never be too far from civilization.

Amenities and activities

Enjoy the best view of one of the most beautiful beaches in the Pacific.
Each massage is designed for you to discharge all negative energies, as well as release tension from pain in muscles and joints, the spa is prepared to offer you an unforgettable massage.
The place is ideal to enjoy the sun and a delicious cold drink during the day, as well as a romantic evening on the beach by candlelight during the night.
We also have Yoga classes in our private room located at the edge of the beach. For these classes, you should ask directly at the reception as they go according to the seasons.
Water Taxi
For late arrivals or also to simply enjoy a private trip to the facilities. Ask the cost directly with us.
Let us handle all the details so you can enjoy your special moment, transportation logistics for your guests, food and lodging.


Located on the Yelapa beach, one of the most romantic places in Mexico and nestled in the lush rainforest of the Sierra Madre Mountains south of Puerto Vallarta, the Lagunita Hotel offers a place to rest that is in harmony with the tropical surroundings.

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